john boris on 7 May 2014 09:42:22 -0700

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[PLUG] Looking for Summer Computer Camps/Courses South Jersey Area

I am posting this to the Tech list and also to PLUG and apologize for any dupes.

I am searching for a Computer Camp that teaches Scratch in the South Jersey Area that offers it for 7 year olds.. I know this is a bit tight scope but you gotta ask. I have googled and haven't found any yet.close by, plus there is a lot of junk.

In years past Camden County College used to have these (Computer Camps for 6-12 yr olds) but they are not having them this year. I am searching for my Granddaughter (if any of you saw my recent blog). I just wish I had the time to do it with her. I have found a few Scratch camps but they are no where near this area (Philadelphia-Camden). 

Thanks in advance
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