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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Tuesday, June 10, 2014: PLUG North - "The Clojure Programming Language: Don't Fear the Parens" (7pm at CoreDial in Blue Bell)

PLUG North will be meeting on Tuesday, June 10, at CoreDial in Blue
Bell, beginning at 7pm. Directions to the meeting location at the
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia can be found at the end of
this email.

This month, PLUG North will feature a talk by Paul L. Snyder, who will
be giving a talk entitled "The Clojure Programming Language: Don't Fear
the Parens."

Clojure is a modern dialect of Lisp that can (among other targets) be
hosted on the Java virtual machine or compiled to JavaScript. The
presentation will cover the benefits of Clojure as a language, including
its focus on immutable data, REPL-oriented development, functional
programming, and software transactional memory.  The discussion will
also skate through the wide range of available libraries, including
core.logic for Prolog-like relational and logic programming, and
core.async for asynchronous channels in the style of C.A.R. Hoare's
Communicating Sequential Processes (which also recently influenced
Google's Go programming language). Paul has previously given versions
of this talk at PLUG Central and PLUG West.

Come and talk with other Linux users about Free and Open Source Software!
Never been to a meeting before?New to Linux?Please help us plan an
series of new-user-friendly talks.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 8, from 7-9pm (7-8
General Q&A, 8-9 Presentation) at CoreDial in Blue Bell, PA.

CoreDial (

  1787 Sentry Parkway West
  Suite 100 (Building 16)
  Blue Bell, PA 19422

Directions and other information are on our website:
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