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Re: [PLUG] Easiest QoS/Router/Connection-trunking distro at this point?

I absolutely love Buffalo wireless devices.  If it wasn't for the the PC requirement I would have recommended those even just with DD-WRT.  Before they started coming with DD-WRT, I would flash them to Tomato which I thought was pretty decent.

Buffalo is horribly slow on updates.  You might want to try searching the DD-WRT wiki site to see how you can flash the community version onto your devices if you want to stay with it.  One of the things to be aware of is that Buffalo model number don't necessarily imply different units so for instance, the wzr-hp-ag300h can be flashed with the wzr-600dhp procedure which is just the new model.  YMMV  :)

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> Good point about OpenWRT.  That's going to be for MIPS (or ARM?) devices.
> Probably not the best play for the "easy" solution either.

OpenWRT might be complex to install (it will vary by hardware), and
could brick your hardware if you mess it up (these are routers, not
PCs designed to boot from USB/DVD/etc).

However, once installed it is pretty easy to use - think of the web
interface like a Linksys Router on Steroids.  Most of the complicated
settings are not on the front page - so if all you want is a VLAN you
don't need to page through all the Snort/VPN/Asterisk/whatever
settings.  However, on most router hardware it really can behave like
a Linux router with 5 interfaces (which can be bound together or
routed between in arbitrary ways).  Multi-WAN, multi-LAN, DMZ, WiFi
jail, etc should be no problem at all.  I am using a Buffalo router
that came with DD-WRT out of the box - I should probably flash over to
OpenWRT one of these days since it is using a vulnerable version of
openssl in conjunction with WPA2 and there are no updates as yet.

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