Martin Dellwo on 25 Jul 2014 09:06:25 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Shared desktop on lxde

NX free versions have not been kept up to date and might not be a good choice anymore. NoMachine used to provide a free version but no longer does. I'm told by my colleagues that it also changed in ways that they did not like and could no longer use*, so peruse the features well and make sure it does what you want.  It used to be very nice, in particular very speedy. 

*I forget details. But we used to use it for standalone remote detachable sessions. Now I have the impression it *only* works as a screen-sharing mechanism. I could be wrong. 

Martin Dellwo

> On Jul 25, 2014, at 9:26 AM, "Gavin W. Burris" <> wrote:
> Good morning, Carl.
> You may want to take a look at NX (NoMachine).  There a few open source
> versions, like FeeNX or X2Go, in most linux repos.  The main feature is
> a much improved compression algorithm.  And, it has the concept of
> "shadowing" a session;  One user starts a session, and can then grant
> another user the ability to view that session remotely.  This is all
> done over SSH with each user using their own account, btw.
> Cheers.
>> On Thu 07/24/14 06:48PM -0400, Carl Johnson wrote:
>> I've got an ubuntu 12.4 box with lxde. I'm trying to figure out how to
>> share a particular user's desktop. Something like teamviewer on a windows
>> box. Is this possible? How do I do it?
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