Casey Bralla on 2 Aug 2014 05:42:58 -0700

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[PLUG] Why Doesn't dd work for all ISO files?

I've been doing a bunch of distro testing lately, and so have had the opportunity to transfer iso files to thumb drives.


Most distros can be loaded onto a bootable thumb drive using the fantastic unetbootin utility. Some (such as KaOS ( ) cannot be loaded with netbootin and instead need the "dd" command to copy the iso file as a binary onto the thumb drive.



BTW, isn't KaOS a great distro name? They could have cool code names for their versions such as "Chief", "Siegfried", or "Hymie".




Anyway, it seem to me that __ALL__ iso files from distros should be transferable to thumb drives by using dd. I've tried this, however, and most of them fail to boot.


Can anybody explain why this is so?



Casey Bralla


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