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[PLUG] OT: FOSSCON 2014 Saturday August 9th Franklin Institute SPEAKER LIST (Friday Hackathon And Amateur Radio License Testing Info too!)


INFO HERE: http://hackfosscon.challengepost.com/


Track 1 Track 2Track 3
9:00-9:50amKeynote: “We Are Not Special Snowflakes”
Corey Quinn
10:00-10:50am“Building A Career in FOSS” Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph “Reigning in Date: Ephemeral Messaging Andrew Schwab
11:00-11:50am“How To Make Localized Activities Rock In A Multi Cultured Open Source Project”
Bhavani Shankar and Sergio Meneses
“Cross-Platform Application Development With The Ecere SDK”
Jerome Jacovella-St-Louis
12:00-12:50pmLunch Break
1:00-1:50pm“Radio Linux: The Other Wireless Networks”
Dr. Kyle N Winfree
“Lessons From Open Source Schoolhouse”
Charlie Reisinger
Ham Radio Exams
2:00-2:50pm“Selling Yourself: How to Handle a Technical Interview”
Corey Quinn
“Interactive Fiction and You” Part 1
LaMaia Cramer
Ham Radio Exams
3:00-3:50pm“Perl: One-Liners”,
Dr. Walt Mankowski
“Interactive Fiction and You” Part 2
LaMaia Cramer
“LibreOffice Tools and Tricks For Making Your Work Easier” Robinson Tryon
4:00-4:45pmClosing Remarks

Please keep up to date with us by following us:

via Twitter – @fossconNE
via Facebook - www.facebook.com/fosscon

Registration & Amateur License Testing Info

Register here: https://secure.fosscon.us/

 (RSVP with FREE registration)

NEW for 2014 – Amateur Radio License Testing!

Please register at above secure registration link.

**Testing info: All applicants (including minors) must bring two means of positive identification.

Licensed applicants must bring the original, and one photocopy, of their license.

You should also bring the original and a copy of any Certificate of Successful Completion of

Examination (CSCE) needed to prove current status. A fee of $15 will be charged for all tests,

payable at test to Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club.

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