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Re: [PLUG] Myth-tv boards

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 2:01 PM, Eric H. Johnson
<> wrote:
> At our very small PLUG west meeting last night, the subject of mother boards
> for Myth-TV front ends came up. Here is the board and supplier I have been
> using:
> It however, only has a VGA output. This one has an HDMI port:

I've been using a Zotac ION ITX board successfully for a while now.
It is Atom-based, includes HDMI, and I've never seen it miss a beat
with 1080p.  I've had a fair bit of success with PXE and NFS root now.

Unfortunately, I doubt you could buy the same board new today.  There
is usually an ITX board on the market which is perfect for a
front-end, since that is one of the big markets for ITX in the first

A Myth talk would be interesting, and I agree that hardware would be
tricky.  Plus it is all multimedia, so remoting into a home system is
going to be of limited usefulness as well.  With mytharchive it is
easy to move recorded shows with all metadata from one Myth
installation to another, so if you had a combined front/back/mysql
laptop you could load it up with some recordings.  You could even
configure it with some video sources even if they don't exist so that
you can see how to program recordings, but unless you actually bring
along capture hardware and better still a video source you're not
going to be recording anything.  Getting my FIOS cablecard to work at
a PLUG meeting would be a challenge indeed - has anybody tried
tunneling MoCA over a VPN?  :)

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