john boris on 22 Aug 2014 10:09:36 -0700

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[PLUG] Question on using Putty on Windows 7 and irssi

I use putty to get to a server outside of $WORK where I use screen and irssi for my IRC session. We recently upgraded from XP to WIndows 7 and now the times don't show up to the left of the nickname in IRC. I have played around with compatibility in the short cut. Changed resolution but nothing brings back the time at the beginning of the line. The ssh client we use for $WORK doesn;t have this issue but I don;t like to use that as if I get too many sessions going it decides to get flaky plus Putty works for what I do for $WORK but all of my users use a different client so I want to keep things separate for tech support reasons. 

Any pointers to config settings or workarounds?


John J. Boris, Sr.

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