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Re: [PLUG] Looking for mobile wifi setup for sharing files

If I'm understanding your question, some IP cameras can share out to a network location so if you can put a NAS on your net you could pull the images from there.  Some WAPs have a NAS function as do some hotspots so what you are looking for is doable assuming the wifi device can connect.

You can also do this with mobile phones (i.e. use their camera) since there are file sharing apps available.

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Subject: [PLUG] Looking for mobile wifi setup for sharing files
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Outside of work i coach high school football. We are now allowed to use cameras,tablets and laptops on the sidelines. I am trying to figure out how to share photos from the press box down to the sidelines. We have electric at home in the press box and in most away games so i figured i could just use our cisco wifi router from the office and then the person with a wifi enabled camera could share the photos to a person on the sideline with a tablet or ipad. 

Question is do these wifi enabled cameras share out their network card? Just looking for someone who has knowledge of these cameras. These are images not videos.

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