Edmond Rodriguez on 20 Sep 2014 16:49:04 -0700

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[PLUG] mobile org pull with an org file.

When I do a pull with mobile org  (mobile app for emacs org-mode).   A file does get populated in the default "org" directory.   

The file "from-mobile.org" does reflect the changes I made on an android device, but I don't get why I can never get those changes applied to the actual org file I pushed earlier from Linux.

In other words... Say I have a file "stuff.org" on Linux.  I do a push with org mode on Linux.   It goes to dropbox..   

I sync with Android mobile-org.

I add a simple line on Android.   

 I sync from Android.

Now on Linux I do a "pull".   My file "stuff.org" never sees any changes.   Only the file "from-mobile.org" in the default org directory does detect and show that changes were made.  

My understanding was that simple type changes would apply to the  original org file (stuff.org in this example).  

Any experienced people out there that can comment on this?


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