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Re: [PLUG] Ripping a scratched DVD

I haven't ripped DVDs in a awhile but when I did I used "mplayer -dumpstream ....".  If the DVD wasn't too damaged and I didn't have problems with the decryption, that would quickly give me an mpeg2 file with everything in it.  From there I could decide what I wanted for the final output (file type, coding, language, subtitles burned or overlayed, etc".

Looks like someone has a binary version of mplayer for OS X.

One thing you can do to help tackle read problems is to dump the DVD to disk with "dd" using the "noerror" and "notrunc" options.  That should render an image with read errors in it.  If that works you might then be able to dump DVD titles from that file.

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My niece scratched her copy of Frozen and all I have at my cousins place is Windows and Mac OS X. I tried handbrake and disk utility (Mac equivalent of gparted), but both failed out with i/o errors. Has anyone ever done this?

The fun thing about Linux is that I can just download it and live boot it!

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