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Re: [PLUG] FOSS med software (Fwd: Bits from Debian Med team)

On Fri, Nov 14, 2014, at 10:28 AM, Chad Waters wrote:
Coincidentally this came across the Debian developer announce list last night...
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From: Andreas Tille <>
Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 1:57 AM
Subject: Bits from Debian Med team
Cc: Debian Med Project List <>
Jessie is frozen now and so we want to make you aware of some interesting
things in Debian Med
2. Some support for Hospital Information Systems
This release contains, for the first time some support for Hospital
Information Systems (HIS) with the dependency fis-gtm of the med-his
metapackage.  This was made possible due to the work of Luis Ibanez (at
kitware at the time when working on the packaging) and Amul Shah
(fisglobal).  Thanks to a fruitful cooperation between upstream FIS and
Debian the build system of fis-gtm was adapted to enable an easier
The availability of fis-gtm will simplify running Vista-foia[2a] on
Debian systems and we are finally working on packaging Vista as well
to make Debian fit for running inside hospitals.
There was some interesting work done by Emilien Klein who was working
hard to get GNUHealth[2b] packaged.  Emilien has given a detailed
explanation on the Debian Med mailing list[2c] giving reasons why he
removed the existing packages from the Debian package pool again.  While
this is a shame for GNUHealth users there might be an opportunity to
revive this effort if there was better coordination between upstream and
Tryton (which is the framework GNUHealth is based upon).  In any case
the packaging code in SVN[2d] as a useful resource to base private
packages on.  Feel free to contact us via the Debian Med mailing list if
you consider creating GNUHealth Debian packages.
[snip] is developed by the folks who host PLUG West. :) My name is on the packaging, but a lot of work goes into the product by a small team of 14 (IIRC) people at Malvern and a few other locations in PA, MA and India.
Many thanks to for the help from the folks at KitWare who develop CMake and host of other things. Their effort to make GT.M build with CMake was invaluable.
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