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Re: [PLUG] PLUG West Follow-up


One more term that came up last night was ?Sporge? or ?Sporgery?. Here is
the definition from Wikipedia:
?Sporgery is the disruptive act of posting a flood of articles to
a Usenet newsgroup, with the article headers falsified so that they appear
to have been posted by others. The word is
a portmanteau of spam and forgery, coined by German software developer and
critic of Scientology Tilman Hausherr.?

The context was "sporging" the blockchain with very small commission values
and thus why there is currently a minimum commission of 0.0001BTC.


Here are a couple links to things that came up last night at PLUG West.
Mostly not very Linux related.

A summary of the testing and subsequent report (?Lugano Report?) on a LENR
(?Cold fusion?) device with links to the source material.

An open source attempt to replicate the device used for the ?Legano Report?
from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) known as ?Project

Carnot?s Theorem


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