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Re: [PLUG] Youtube Mods

What I used to do for a class to help some of the other people was to make the tutorial videos for what we had to do and I posted them to youtube.
Granted these videos are about 2 years old but easiest thing I found was to use a screen recording software that also recorded mic input. I would be happy to also take any request for specific topics and then make the videos in my spare time. I am still a Linux beginer but I get the core concepts and its easy for me to do the research on a topic enough to give an informed talk about it.

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Sounds like a good idea. I was thinking about some similar things like that. Very short "howto video's" for new Linux users or video's for some of slicker things we can do with Linux but always have to look up because you don't do it that much.

I know on G+ we can do categories in the communities but I don't have experience in doing that on YouTube so I'd appreciate the help.

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