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Re: [PLUG] Boxes for Internet in Garage?

Sound like FTTP stuff. Fiber to the premise. The UPS powers the ONT. The optical network terminal converts fiber into ethernet, POTS (plain old telephone system) and coax.

On January 24, 2015 12:48:49 PM EST, Paul Jungwirth <> wrote:
>Sorry if this is OT, but folks here are the best experts I know about
>the phone company, so here goes:
>We recently moved into a new home, and in the garage are a couple
>units attached to the wall with wires coming in. They say Verizon,
>although we have Frontier Internet service (via a cable, not DSL). We
>don't pay for a telephone landline or cable TV or a security system or
>anything else, just Internet.
>A couple weeks ago we started hearing a beeping in the garage, and it
>looks like in one of the boxes we need to replace a big battery like
>this one:
>Okay, no problem. But my question is, why is this there at all? I
>didn't know you needed a powered box to have a cable Internet
>connection. (Obviously the modem needs power, but that's separate and
>indoors.) I don't think I had units like these the last time I had
>cable Internet, although I was just renting then. So I'm curious, what
>do these two boxes do, and why are they necessary? Assuming the one
>with the battery is a UPS, what is it UPSing?

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