Casey Bralla on 22 Feb 2015 10:12:16 -0800

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[PLUG] TV Remote Control Ideas Needed

So I bought a new Hi-Def TV for Christmas, and then just got a new receiver to handle it. Now I need some way to unify the 236 remote control hand units I've got cluttering my coffee table.


Anybody have any suggestions to achieve these requirements?


  1. Turn on and off the TV and Receiver with a single button
  2. Single, easy-to-use remote to control all the devices in all their multiple modes
  3. Macro capability to send programmed sequences to turn on/off, select sources, etc
  4. Customizable, so I don't have to have 643 buttons, when I only use 6


This seems like an ideal application for a small android device, but I don't think they have the IR LED capability to make it work.


Anybody have any suggestions?



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