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[PLUG] remote job: linux server upgrades/conversions to redhat , server hardning, intrustion detection

I have a contact that is looking for people with a Linux and network security background. 

This job is nearly all remote, but a local interview is required.
Expected duration is two months, starting ASAP. 

Several older servers need to be migrated to RedHat, and a internal patch 
repository created. Apache jails need to be setup as well as server hardning, ssh must 
require keys etc.  Mysql conversions already in progress.  PHP is involved. May
involve PCI compliance or issues or security best practices.

Some experience with setting up intrusion detection or monitoring both on the client 
and network level. 

You will work with a technical project manager, but multiple business units from 
formerly different companies are involved, and there will inevitable be some 
politics involved, that the PM should hopefully take care of. You need to be able 
to strongly state technical reasons pro/cons for various issues to a wide variety of 
people who may not agree with you, and hopefully the PM will help resolve. 

References: please be able to provide technical and character references. It would 
be helpful to have done security hardening or have references from the insurance 
or banking industry. You should have relevant technical descriptions and references 
on your Linked In profile. 

Pay rate can be very good for Linux admins with the above experience. If you 
have an expected rate you can include it if you desire to. 

I'm too busy with my VMware consulting to work on this project, so I'm passing it on. 

Please reply with "RemoteLinux" in the subject and I'll forward it.
Include a personal description of how you meet the above requirements, and don't include a resume. 
If you are selected you can submit the resume later. 

Good luck, 

Lee Marzke
reply to:  lee@marzke.net

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