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[PLUG] "FreePBX: Pwn Your Own Phone" by Jonathan Simpson - Slides Available?

I see the talk is on line, but I could not find the slides.  Are they on line 

On Monday, March 09, 2015 11:20:32 AM Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> PLUG North will be meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at CoreDial's new
> offices in Blue Bell, beginning at 6:30 pm. Directions to the meeting
> location can be found at the end of this email.
> This month, PLUG Central will feature a talk by Jonathan Simpson, who
> will be speaking about using FreePBX to setup a small phone system.  The
> presentation will provide an example of building a PBX for home use, and
> connecting to the phone network.  FreePBX is a PBX system build on the
> open source Asterisk platform.  This is an updated version of a talk that
> Jonathan has given to PLUG in the past.
> Never been to a meeting before? New to Linux? Please help us plan an
> series of new-user-friendly talks.
> At 6:30, prior to the main meeting, we'll assemble in CoreDial's game room
> for shuffleboard, pool, and conversation. (Note: RSVP is not required this
> month, as food is not being provided.)
> The meeting will take place from 6:30-9pm (6:30-7 games and conversation,
> 7-8 General Q&A, 8-9 Presentation) at CoreDial's new office space in Blue
> Bell, PA.

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