Lee H. Marzke on 18 Apr 2015 17:50:52 -0700

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[PLUG] Help with encrypted SSD

I have Ubuntu on a 500GB Crucial SSD that is running out of space.

It's using 250G encrypted LVM partition and 250G unencrypted for VM's and Downloads

I need to expand both to 500G for a new 1TB SSD.

I don't mind re-installing if required,  but I see the encrypted LVM
installer only uses the entire disk not 1/2.

I tried setting the HD password on my Thinkpad for the new disk
and when booting the BIOS prompts for the password to un-encript
but it doesn't work, all passwords fail, and won't let me into the BIOS again to
change/remove the password.    So basically this new 1TB SSD is
just a paperweight now.   Anyone now why HD BIOS passwords don't work  or how
to fix or should I just return this drive?

I seem to remember in the past,  that you can sleep the computer, plug
in the SSD, wake it,  and now your running Linux with the SSD attached.
HDparm can now see the SSD,  but hdparm --security-erase NULL /dev/sdb
doesn't work , just says "input/output error"


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