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Re: [PLUG] 2 Sr. Linux Sysadmin Positions at the School of Arts and Sciences at UPenn

Warren and Dareus,

Always a soft spot in my heart for Penn, my alma mater.

I'm currently having a blast working/volunteering for a local
non-profit.  So, you're not likely to tempt me away.

However, I know a lot of people, some of whom ARE looking.

Send me more info and I'll mail it out to a few hundred local
colleagues who have asked to be on the "Job Wanted" and/or
"Consultants" mailing lists that I've maintained for several
years just for this purpose.


- Consultant or FTE?
- Full time or part time?
- How long is the initial contract?
- How long is the project likely to run?
- Approx salary or hourly rate offered?

BTW, here's what I'm doing personally these days:

I'm currently working from home for a small local non-profit
that hosts fundraising campaigns for people with large medical
bills.  Donating 3/4 of my time and rounded up a team of
friends to help since it's a good cause.

We've produced their mobile Web site, and are now enhancing/
replacing their main site.  See:

Using Python/Django.  Responsive Web Design techniques to
look good on phones, tablets, and full screens.  Lots of
jQuery, Ajax, HTML5 and CSS3 for a rich user experience.
Hosted on Linux in the Amazon cloud.  May embed it in
PhoneGap to add mobile features for Android and iOS,
uploading images from the camera, capturing the GPS
location, showing maps, accessing the local file system,

We're rolling out new releases every week or two.  Adding
features to the external Web site, and automating/streamlining
internal systems.  I'm volunteering most of my time, billing
them for no more than 50 hours/month, and I still work all-
nighters, 16 hour days, 80+ hour weeks, 200-300 hour months,
...  What, am I insane!?!?!  Having a blast though.

In true Agile style, we've focused on adding value and
reducing costs by replacing expensive internal systems, making
the staff more productive, adding new Web and mobile features
to attract more users and increase donations, reducing
licensing and support costs, etc.

The CEO, chairman of the board, and chairman of the IT
committee came to our tech meeting the other day to express
their appreciation.  They've lost all interest in when the
project will be "finished" and are now asking how much longer
they can keep us, since we provide so much value.  An ideal
Agile project.

More about me:

You can find my resume at:
and view my LinkedIn page, where recent clients have raved
about me:
and my Tips pages, Cloud Computing talk, open source Java
and _javascript_ libraries, and other examples of my work, at:

Fred Stluka -- --
Bristle Software, Inc -- -- Glad to be of service!
Open Source: Without walls and fences, we need no Windows or Gates.
On 5/29/15 9:16 AM, Warren Petrofsky wrote:
Hi All,

The Information Security and Unix Systems (ISUS) group in the School of
Arts and Sciences (SAS) at UPenn has openings for two senior linux

These positions will work directly with SAS researchers building HPC
clusters on-premise and in the cloud and help us support our core linux
systems (email, web, database, app, vmware).

Anyone interested should apply at:

If you have any questions about these positions, please reach out to
Dareus Conover at

I'll post the full description below.



-- Warren Petrofsky
Senior Director
SAS Computing - University of Pennsylvania

The Information Security & Unix Systems (ISUS) group at the School of
Arts and Sciences (SAS) is seeking senior linux systems administrator
who is ready to change the world, one python script at a time. Become a
part of our team and work collaboratively with world-renowned
researchers who work to solve questions about the human brain, the
formation of galaxies, ocean biogeochemistry, the impact of social
programs, and more. Help us keep all of our enterprise systems ticking,
including email gateways serving more than 20,000 users. Build clusters
on campus, in Amazon EC2, and make use of the XSEDE grid to enable
research at an unprecedented scale.

Serve as lead systems administrator on highly complex linux systems
including enterprise email, database, application, and web servers. The
successful candidate will design, quote, benchmark, buy, implement and
maintain high-performance computing clusters for research groups
throughout SAS. Zealously pursue fast and collaborative solutions to
tickets/requests, partnering with both faculty and local computing
support providers throughout the school.

The systems that our group manages often represent investments of more
than $100k of grant funding for very high-profile projects. Design,
price, and administer high performance computing systems using cloud and
grid systems including Amazon’s AWS and XSEDE, and will work directly
with researchers to understand how HPC can enable and reshape their work.

We are at a critical tipping point in computing architecture. In many
cases, cloud-based infrastructure is cheaper, easier to maintain, more
reliable, and more scalable than physical hardware. Be on the SAS team
that develops and builds out our tools for deploying and managing
cloud-based service and research clusters.

Work related tasks include: performing linux systems programming and
application programming projects as needed; supporting web servers;
providing software installation and backups; coordinating hardware
repairs; coordinating ordering & installation of equipment; recommending
and tracking software & hardware; installing upgrades; handling
security; performing technical consulting & end user linux support; and
responding to and assisting first-tier support staff who assist
end-users with our systems. This position also participates in the ISUS
on-call rotation.


Bachelor’s Degree and at least 3 years of experience or an equivalent
combination of education and experience required.

The successful candidate has advanced linux systems programming skills,
and confidence with cluster queueing systems. They work collaboratively
with faculty, graduate students, research staff, and their SAS Computing
colleagues. They are passionate about the research and academic mission
of SAS; they are ready to make a difference through teamwork, ingenuity,
and the power of open source.

They can manage and track a large number of ongoing projects
simultaneously, working with their teammates to triage problems and
execute solutions. Experience with AWS EC2, XSEDE, Sun Grid Engine,
Matlab, and Drupal is greatly preferred.
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