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Re: [PLUG] Anyone have kids interested in development/Linux?

On 06/17/2015 02:16 PM, brent timothy saner wrote:
> Because NoStarchPress (which i <3) is running a Humble Bundle:


I recently read and really liked _Python for Kids_ (not in the bundle).
 I am reading _Learn to Program with Scratch_ (in the bundle) now, and
it's MUCH more dense than the Python one.  Much smaller print and
generally more advanced (even though it's Scratch).  It seems targeted
more at high school, while the Python one is closer to the 9-11 range
I'm looking at.

TuxPaint is always free, see or or

_The Linux Command Line_ looks like just the sort of things we've been
talking about elsewhere, including chapter "12 – A Gentle Introduction
To vi" and it's free:  At a quick
glance it is just want a number of new folks could use, assuming they
like reading about this stuff in book form.  :-)

Semi-related, for Mac this is awesome:

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