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[PLUG] not entirely off topic, killing a windows process with cron using cygwin

I have a windows process that I should shut down every night.  I am more comfortable with bash than I am with windows anything.  I used cygwin and a small bash one-liner to kill my process.  I have tested my bash one liner and it does kill said process, my question is, do I have to leave my cygwin bash terminal open for cron to run my bash script?

I checked stack overflow and they say this:


I don't have admin on my windows machine, I can't make it run as a service

I don't want to use the windows schedular, I want to use bash dammit.

My question to the group is is anyone familiar enough with cygwin to know if the cron function will work if I don't run cygwin as a service, do I need my cygwin bash window to be open for this to work? 

I might try scheduling a task for tonight when I'm still here to see if it succeeds, but I was just wondering if anyone has experience scheduling with cron in cygwin.
Michael Lazin

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