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Re: [PLUG] Need Help with a script for netcat

JP beat me to this point but I'll just reinforce it...  Netcat makes it seem like its easy to just hack together clients and servers but it was really never intended for production work.

In my head, for something that needs to be durable, I would make the effort to write the proper clients and server processes for what you want.

Backing up a bit more, having done some Asterisk AGI scripts, I would say that you can most likely get Asterisk to do what you want internally with what would most likely be less of an effort.

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On Aug 11, 2015 2:01 PM, brent timothy saner <> wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't see this mentioned anywhere yet- *which* netcat are
> you referring to?

On 08/11/2015 02:04 PM, steve fiedler wrote:
> Its running on suse 11 and its v 1.1.  I am not at work so I can't give
> more detail...

Also, maybe don't get so hung up on using netcat?  Take a step back, is
there a better or different way to do this?  (I usually miss this step
myself, so I'm sensitive to it. :)  And Steve did ask that originally,
but we've focused on nc anyway.

I agree that off-the-cuff "listen on some random port for some random
info" really does sound like a job for netcat.  But...  Maybe beat this
around at PLUG N tonight?  (So I gotta get back to $WORK so I can make

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