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Re: [PLUG] Gentoo install

On Thu, 20 Aug 2015 22:02:45 -0400
Robert <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I inquired a while back about who knew Gentoo.  I'd like to install
> Gentoo on my laptop but it seems every time I attempt it something
> goes wrong.  I'm looking for someone who is willing to lend me a hand
> installing Gentoo and optimizing it for my system.

Some general observations about Gentoo:

Stuff going wrong is the norm. That's why I recommend somebody save
time by installing Gentoo two or three times on a Qemu VM, getting used
to all its quirks, before installing it on metal.

Also, if you're not comfortable with chroot install proceedures, get
comfortable with that whole concept before trying to install Gentoo. I
wrote some content featuring a very quick and easy chroot install:

One more thing about Gentoo: If your video doesn't work or your
bootloader doesn't work, and if you understand the dao of chroot
installs, you can System-Rescue-CD back in and fix what's busted. When
doing chroot type installs, the first time in I even make shellscripts
to do the various mounts for the various specialty filesystems. I make
one shellscript that does the pre-chroot stuff and then does the chroot
itself, and another shellscript for post-chroot stuff. This way, when I
(invariably) go back in with System Rescue CD several times, it's quick
and easy.



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