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Re: [PLUG] Behavior of iptables-save and iptables-restore when run concurrently

I am not so familiar with the inner workings of iptables-save/restore,
but I would agree that iptables-restore is probably atomic.

I wanted to ask if you were drastically altering the chain, and if the
iptables --delete, --insert, and --replace options could be used for a
simpler solution? Unless BAR contains dozens of unique rules per
rewrite, iptables-save/restore may not offer much benefit.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 3:59 PM, Thomas Delrue <> wrote:
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> Hello,
> I have a bit of a weird question about the behavior of iptables-save and
> iptables-restore when run at the same time.
> Let's say that I have a situation like this:
> - - My rules contain chains called FOO, BAR and BAZ which each contain a
> bunch of goodies.
> - - I don't want to change what FOO or BAZ look like
> - - But, occasionally, I want to regenerate what the BAR chain should look
> like, as in: I want to completely rewrite the entire BAR chain from
> scratch. This is done by a program at certain intervals.
> What I'd like to do is do a popen("iptables-save", "r") and as I read
> the contents from it, I was thinking of directly piping it into
> iptables-restore (using popen("iptables-restore", w"))
> I happily write whatever is coming from the iptables-save pipe into the
> pipe for iptables-restore and as soon as I encounter the starting point
> for my 'BAR' chain, instead of writing the content of the BAR chain
> coming from the iptables-save pipe, I write my new (full) content for
> what BAR should look like.
> Then I let iptables-save continue until it sees the end of the (old) BAR
> chain data after which I just happily continue to pipe what is coming
> from the iptables-save pipe into the iptables-restore pipe thus
> preserving what was there originally for everything except for my BAR
> chain which now contains the new information.
> My questions are the following:
> - - Will this work? Will iptables-restore wait to apply the incoming data
> until it has seen everything or will it apply it as it comes in and
> influence what is coming in through my other pipe from -save?
> - - At what point does the incoming data get applied? Does it occur upon
> my call to pclose(iptables_restore_pipe)?
> I seem to recall someone mentioning that iptables-restore was atomic, so
> I would guess that it would wait with applying until it sees an EOF
> (pclose()?) or OCMMIT but I wanted to double check.
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