Eric H. Johnson on 6 Sep 2015 09:51:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Cheap Nexus 6

>From the standpoint of privacy, there is a difference legally between a pin
/ passcode and a fingerprint. The Virginia circuit court held that the
defendant in a particular case could not be compelled to reveal the passcode
to his phone, but could be compelled to produce his fingerprint. The former
constitutes revealing knowledge, and therefore is protected by the 5th
amendment, while the latter is a physical attribute, and therefore is not.

While technically, a fingerprint can potentially be more secure than a
passcode, legally it would currently seem to be more vulnerable.


With so many phones coming to market with a fingerprint reader, any smart
phone that doesn't have one is obsolete junk. PINS and swipes are really
inconvenient compared to fingerprint and given the personal data thats going
on phones these days I don't see how a more secure and more convenient means
of securing the device can be considered optional. 

If the nexus 5 or 6 had one I would jump at these prices to replace a phone
I bought just a few months ago (it has neither neither a fingerprint reader
nor lollipop support).
On 09/04/2015 09:46 AM, Will wrote:
Thanks Anthony. Now the question is... New Nexus 5 vs. Nexus 6... What to
On Sep 4, 2015 06:00, "Anthony Martin" <>
Just in case anyone was in need of a new phone I figured I would let
everyone know they dropped the price of the 32gb/64gb nexus 6 unlocked to

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