Casey Bralla on 14 Sep 2015 02:43:47 -0700

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[PLUG] Convert ext4 Filenames to FAT-compatible Names

I've got my music files (20K+ files) on an ext4 disk. When i named these 
files, I took full use of ext4 naming possibilities with long names and all 
kinds of punctuation.

Now I need to copy those files to a series of thumb drives to make them 
portable. Unfortunately, simply copying them does not work because a huge 
number of files give "file creation" errors due to the illegal FAT filenames.

I don't care so much about perfect preservation of the file names. Simply 
dropping the offending characters and shortening the file names in some 
arbitrary manner would work.

I've googled for a conversion utility, but haven't found one. I'll write a 
python script if I have to, but this seems like a problem somebody else must 
have faced (and solved) before me.

Anybody know of a good filename conversion script?
Casey Bralla

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