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Re: [PLUG] Off-topic: Cell Phone Call Quality

Casey Bralla:
I'm finally reaching the limit of my cell phone tolerance. The voice call
quality of my cell phone is terrible, and almost unusable.

I suffer from frequent tenth-second drop-outs which make it very hard to
understand what is being said. I don't know if its my phone, my carrier, or my
location. I was hoping I could get some good advice from this techo-group.

I know it is not the other caller, because I even have the problem listening
to my voicemail menu.

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S3, which appears to be a good quality phone.

I'm using Net-10, one of the pre-paid carriers. Their prices are pretty good.

My location is in NJ east of Philly, and PA, just north of Newark. Both
locations seem to be equally bad.

So how can I isolate the cause of my crappy voice calls?

Is my carrier?
Is it my phone?

If I switch carriers will my quality improve?

Net-10 is affiliated with or a subsidiary of tracfone. It runs on several of the major cell provider networks including ATT.

It reads like your cell is at fault this time, but a surefire test is calling a landline with voicemail or an answering machine and leaving a relatively long message. If the message from your cell has the same stuttering, it is most assuredly the cell. If you know someone else on net-10 have that individual call the same landline and leave a message just to eliminate the possibility of you experiencing a network issue.

I am assuming you can also call your cell from a landline and leave a message to play back later. You could also try net-10 help on the web although it appears your phone is still offered by your carrier. Also depending upon how long you have had your phone, it may still be covered by your carrier (I think it's one year but note the "I think"). All in all, I suspect your phone and hope you can get it replaced inexpensively.

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