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Re: [PLUG] Laptop bags/backpacks/messenger bags, anyone need any?

Can you send info for the largest backpack you have

Anthony Martin

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On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 9:03 PM, Rich Mingin (PLUG) <> wrote:
So I have this addiction, I pick up messenger bags/laptop bags/backpacks whenever they are cheap, free, or really cool (preferably 2 of the 3), and I've acquired quite a collection. Since I just bought another bag cheap, I've decided to purge my existing collection. I'll be digging mine out over the next week or two, and I'm happy to take pictures and deliver anything anyone likes to PLUG North or Central, and I'll even make a field trip to West this month if someone needs something delivered.

If you'd like anything, or more info, I can help you look at the right ones faster with a few extra data points:

Laptop size/brand/model, if any.

How much room for additional "stuff" would you like.

Preference for backpack (two strap) or messenger style (one strap).

I've probably got a dozen or more that I can give away, and I'll be dumping most into a yard sale in two weeks if no one else is interested.

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