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Re: [PLUG] Video link: "Virtualizing Bare-Metal Systems with QEMU" and meeting bookmarks

On Sun, 11 Oct 2015 15:34:29 -0400 (EDT)
"Keith C. Perry" <> wrote:

> Keith's presentation on "Virtualizing Bare-Metal Systems with QEMU"
> presented 2015-10-07 @ PLUG Central 
> (includes link to slides) 

Hi Keith,

Nowwwww you tell me!


I'm migrating the Daily Driver Desktop that drives my business from
Debian Wheezy to the much more Spartan Void Linux. Because I must have
continuation of business across the entire process, I'm temporarily
transferring operations to my Void equipped laptop, and then Voidizing
my desktop, so I always have a business machine up and running.

I have a feeling your presentation would have been helpful if I'd
known about it 2 weeks ago. Well, the best time to plant a tree is 20
years ago, the 2nd best time is today :-).

Even so, Qemu is playing a vital role in my transition. Void's
installation of LaTeX and its front end, LyX, is badly flawed. I didn't
have time to fix it, and would have had to back out of my transition.
But instead I installed a Ubuntu LTS 14.04 VM on the notebook, and got
LyX working there, together with an sshfs mount to my notebook's metal
data drive. So I can fill book orders. And therefore, I can continue my
transition at full speed.

Once I'm completely up and running, with my Ubuntu 14.04 guest handling
the very few things Void doesn't do outstandingly, I'll do it the right
way and make an equivalent Ubuntu 14.04 Docker container with a bind
mount instead of an sshfs mount, and it will be snappy. But for now,
I'm glad to have Qemu to get everything just right.



Steve Litt 
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