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Re: [PLUG] If you decided to use ansible you obviously made a good choice

I'm a big fan of ansible, and would certainly attend.  I don't yet use
it as much as I'd like, but have plans for adopting it.

I'd certainly attend.  In particular I'm interested in how it can be
done securely.  The biggest criticisms I've heard on ansible focus
on the fact that it doesn't have an agent and pretty much anything
can be done to any accessible system when compromised.


On 10/16/15 9:02 AM, Gavin W. Burris wrote:
> Hi, All.
> I'd be happy to present about Ansible at an upcoming PLUG West.  We've been using it for over a year now to automate deployment of our high-performance computing cluster at Wharton.
> Ansible is configuration management.  Imagine booting a server, workstation or cloud node, then having it configured exactly as the role you require.  Imagine doing that as often as you like, with something that was as easy as having Python, some text files and an SSH key.  Minimum overhead and maximum utility.  This provides you with automatic installations, disaster recovery, checks for known-good state, and documentation.  It's no joke that Ansible code is so easy to read it is like documentation.  All of my systems are defined by code in a git repo.  It's a beautiful thing.  
> Cheers.
> On Fri 10/16/15 08:43AM EDT, Ronaldo Nascimento wrote:
>> What is it exactly? Too many buzz words on the site. How will it effect the SAT server?
>>> On Oct 16, 2015, at 8:34 AM, Doug Stewart <> wrote:
>>> Been using it for a couple of years now. Love it. 
>>> Now RedHat needs to make Spacewalk/Satellite use it out of the box. 
>>> --
>>> Doug Stewart
>>> On Oct 16, 2015, at 8:27 AM, Anthony Martin < <>> wrote:
>>>> <>
>>>> Red Hat will be using ansible. I personally think this is a good idea and much better than puppet for satellite.
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