john boris on 28 Oct 2015 06:57:36 -0700

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[PLUG] Question on stable LINUX for Aspire one

Good Day,
I have an Aspire One netbook that had ubuntu 12.04 on it. It was sitting idle for a long time and I decided to fire it up and update it. Well the update went south and I now have to reload the OS. No problem as it was really only used a device for the Living room (prior to the iPad and Tablet world). I am looking for the recommendations as tothe most stable version, or best suited, for that device. 

I use it rarely but I want to have a lightweight device I can use on travel in a pinch. I have to buy a new battery for it so before I do that I want to make sure I can reload it. I bought this unit used with Ubuntu installed but always had an issue with the unit going to sleep (freezing) for a few seconds on a regular basis which lead me to believe some driver was not fully compatible.

The unit has the memory maxed out.

Thanks in Advance.

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