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Re: [PLUG] Blogging platform

Nice, looks like that runs on Ruby.  :)

Blosxom is one that comes to mind that's Perl based.

So now I feel compelled to ask if anyone have any experience with PearlBee?

I remember being annoyed with the name (why NOT call it PerlBee?) so I didn't dig into it.  Its also on GitHub

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On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 3:26 PM, Keith C. Perry <> wrote:

Getting back to the point of JP's post though...  What I like about the Troy Hunt article was that 2 other things, GitHub Pages and Ghost, were mentioned as alternatives to Wordpress and that is good thing so that people have choices.

Speaking of GitHub pages, I'm surprised Jekyll didn't get mentioned:

Jekyll lets you create static sites from Markdown and you have the option of uploading just the static HTML and minified CSS and _javascript_ to the target htdocs directory.  Because you can't hijack code that is never executed. :-)

GitHub pages also feature built-in integration with Jekyll:

That makes deploying changes to a Jekyll site hosted with them as easy as doing a "git push".

-- Doug


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