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Re: [PLUG] Old computers and stuff

Here's that Unix clone I was talking about:  I found my
print materials for it too, I'll bring them to the next PLUG N/W meetings.

Wow, there's a qemu image at

On 11/18/2015 04:25 PM, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> That was definitely a nice trip down memory lane.  I didn't know that many people also had a Unix or VMS background before Linux.
> I had mentioned my Timex Sinclair 2000 during the conversation.  Since most people were not familiar with, I figured I would show pictures from a post I did on G+ awhile back.
> Oh and JP, that bubble sort brought a tear to my eye.  Also circa '90 - '91 when I was tutoring engineering and comp. sci majors in Pascal.  I had it in high school but figured I would take it again in college (to have an easy class one term).  Longer story short, I generally did better than the teaching assistants on tests so my door room would be packed twice a term :)
> The bubble sort was one of the mid-term tests- fun times!

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> Subject: [PLUG] Old computers and stuff
> At the 2015-11-16 PLUG W meeting Tom mentioned an event coming up next
> April with really old stuff, Tom please add details.
> Anyone not at that meeting should probably skip the rest of this since
> it will be really boring.  Come to think of it, it'll probably bore
> those people who WERE at the meeting too...  :-)
> Anyway...we talked about old computers and code some, so when I came
> home fired up my 1989 Zenith 181 laptop, and it and the various 720K
> 3.5" floppies I had with it all still work, including a copy of Lotus
> 123 from 1992.  I also have the old BSR 386SX-16 that I first ran Linux
> on.  That also fired right up from 3.5" DOS floppy, but it has no hard
> drive.
> I also went looking for some of my old source code, and I found my circa
> 1991 Pascal and COBOL programs for VAX VMS.  Including...wait for it...
> -----
> $ head -n6 /home/jp/...../Pitt/vms/pascal/bubble.pas
> program bubble_sort (input, bubble, output);
> {  SUMMARY --
> This is a pretty boring program that demonstrates a bubble sort.  It
> takes a list of words from a file, prints the list so you can see it's
> not sorted, tells you it's gonna sort it, then prints the sorted list.}
> -----
> I also turned up my old Unix (Ultrix.32) "plan" file which is far too
> horrible to post and lots of other crazy stuff.  What I can't find, and
> it's really annoying me, is my box of OS/2 Warp stuff, and my 1991
> strip.c source code.  Before you ask, I do have the file, and
> it strips control character out of old Word Perfect files, what did you
> THINK it did?
> I ran the floppy disk recovery service (yes, really) for Pitt for a
> couple of years, and that was one of the tools I wrote for it.  Between
> various Norton and Mac rescue tools I could usually get files back, but
> they'd have bits missing and Word Perfect for DOS 5.1 (IIRC) would barf
> on them, so I'd strip out everything lower than ASCII 32 and higher than
> 127 and at least get the text back.
> OK, shutting up now...  :-)
> JP

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