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Re: [PLUG] Programming help

+1 for TaskWarrior. There is already a Google Tasks solution called

There's a time tracking addon to TaskWarrior too which I installed. I
haven't found its time tracking to be very robust, but I've only been
using TW for a couple weeks so there's still a lot for me to learn.

I found TaskWarrior very easy to interact with in Python. I believe
getting tasks out of TW would be easier than trying to parse the
output from It does sound clunky going from Google Tasks ->
Task Warrior -> Hamster though if you weren't open to trying Task
Warrior for time tracking or if it didn't meet your needs.

On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 1:41 PM, brent timothy saner
<> wrote:
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> On 01/07/2016 01:36 PM, Joe Rosato wrote:
>> I really liked the talk last night that Mark gave, very informative we
> ll
>> presented. Though not a programmer I do get excited when I can write
>> something in as few lines of code as possible, be it scripting, python
> ,
>> perl, or cobol. (OK.. forget cobol).
>> So in light of last night I figured I would try this with
>> python/hashes.. I tried this a while back and was too busy at work to
>> think straight and pissed at myself that it was turning into a torture
> d
>> bash script where you opt for speed over elegance just to get the job
>> done. I plan to take my time to do it RIGHT, not kludgy.
>> Small background on the topic. I have been using Hamster
>> <> to track my time at work,
> it
>> is simple and clean. Has a gui, command line (hamster-cli) and a tiny
>> database. Exports to a interactive web page to analyze your time usage
> .
>> I use google tasks on my phone and wanted to find a way to add those
>> tasks to Hamster without typing them in again. GOAL= /*I add some task
> s
>> on my phone the night before, and in the morning they are already insi
> de
>> Hamster for me to track my time.*/
>> I found <> which allows me to
>> puke out my google task lists to a file. The output format is well
>> structured and I just need to write something to parse it and get it
>> into Hamster via hamster-cli. (incidentally the documentation is poor
> - -
>> I just use ' -l --nocolor' to create my output file - nothing
>> more.) I attached the file and changed some personal info but not the
>> format.
>> */caveats/*
>> 1. Hamster does not accept 'future' dates since it is not a task manag
> er
>> but a time tracker. I figured I would have it add my tasks to the day
>> before at odd hours like 1am, 2am, 3am, etc.. (as if already
>> started/completed) and then and I can redo the times in the morning.
>> 2. Indents matter in the attached file, there are sub-tasks
>> *What do I want to parse and where do I want it to go?*
>> _Google Tasks   -->   Hamster_
>>   List                -->    tag
>>   Task             -->    activity (with the above tag)
>>   Notes           -->   Notes
>>   Due Date      ---->   ehh, I'll figure that out later
>> Give me your thoughts! For those part of the Triangle discussion last
>> night - I figured it out! Only sent it to Walt so as to not spill the
>> beans for others.
>> Joe Rosato
>> NB: Am I shamelessly using the PLUG list to forward my own agenda? Yes
> .
> You know, you may be reinventing the wheel here for the most part. Have
> you heard of TaskWarrior?
> It even stores the tasks in plaintext files (fairly easily parseable):
> task-stores-the-data-How-do-I-backup-it
> which would have probably saved you a lot of headache.
> But kudos!
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