JP Vossen on 23 Feb 2016 19:13:15 -0800

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[PLUG] ctmg: Simple wrapper around cryptsetup for encrypted containers

One more, since I seem to be on a roll sending to the list today...

I ran across this on the Planet Gentoo feed (hi Rich :), it sounds really cool but I haven't had a chance to dive in.

ctmg - extremely simple encrypted container system

ctmg is an encrypted container manager for Linux using cryptsetup and various standard file system utilities. Containers have the extension .ct and are mounted at a directory of the same name, but without the extension. Very simple to understand, and very simple to implement; ctmg is a simple bash script.

I like the docs I read and the fact that it's bash so you can easily dissect the commands. And *seems* simpler than other solutions I've seen, but I could just be forgetting things again.

There look to be a lot of other really interesting projects there, including the git web interface that it's hosted on.

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