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Re: [PLUG] OT: LED bulbs from PECO

No, they show up, do the audit, and give you replacement bulbs. At least they did for us.

Start here:

On 02/28/2016 02:59 PM, Rohit Mehta wrote:
How does this work?  do I just go to home depot and buy LED bulbs and
show them my PECO bill for a discount?

I paid full price for the LED bulbs that i have.

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 11:39 AM, JP Vossen <
<>> wrote:

    tL;dr: Spend $25 to get a metric crap-ton of LED bulbs from PECO.

    OT but probably of interest, we had a "PECO Smart Home E-Audit"
    ( last
    week. I learned a good amount about simple ways to add insulation
    and such, which I will implement as time permits.  But the real
    surprise was the 16x flood lamp [1], 20x "regular" [2] LED bulbs,
    and 2x "TrickleStar TS1103 power strips they gave us.  We spent $25
    to get several hundred bucks of LEDs and "smart" power strips.

    We previously had some CFLs but I got rid of most of them because
    they sucked so bad.  Unlike CFLs these LEDs are great.  They are
    very "white" light, which some may find too bright or white, but so
    far we like them.  I had been holding out until LED prices came down
    a bit more, but it's hard to beat $25 for 36 of them.  In particular
    we replaced 12x 65W floods in the basement with 10W dimmable LEDs,
    which would have been at least $150 all by itself, and I think it's
    slightly brighter there now.  The LEDs do not dim nearly as low as
    the incandescents but I can live with that.

    You have to be a PECO customer (they will ask for a bill), and LED
    replacements are based on "usage," so you tell them you use all your
    lights all the time.  :-)  They also do not have LEDs for everything
    (like larger "globe" kitchen lights.  They do have some CFLs for
    those but you'd have to pay me to take those.

    [1] LED10BR30D27KUTB    M: BR30012      10W, 65W replacement
    Suitable for damp and fully enclosed fixtures, dimmable
    [2] LED10A19DOD27K M: A19023 10W, 60W replacement Suitable for damp
    and fully enclosed fixtures, dimmable

    Bonus question I have thus far failed to figure out.  Why can I plug
    a $5 string of Christmas lights directly into 120v AC and they Just
    Work, yet all these LED bulbs require fancy transformers and
    whatever in them?  WTH can't I just take the LEDs from the string,
    bundle them together, and plug them straight in?

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