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Re: [PLUG] Nerd Flea Markets?

Ah yes those were the days. I outfitted my kids with their own computers (TRS80-Model III) for $20. They were the hit on the block as the place for the kids to go to get their school work in. Or going looking to score a 28.8 ,modem for under $10. I remember one time a truck pulled in and they unloaded two or three Mini Computers (The size of dorm refrigerators) with Laserjet 4SIs with 2000 page feeders. Then at the end of the lot they had a giant dumpster to discard what you wanted. At the end of the day people were dumpster diving for parts. 

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 11:51 AM, Greg Helledy <> wrote:
I remember going to TCF once over 20 years ago.  They had that kind of stuff, but also Sun and SGI workstations, set up and running for you to examine.  I regret not buying one, but at the time they still cost a lot and I didn't have the money to blow on a whim.

The old days of the
great Flea Market where you might find a monitor for $10 or a Motherboard
for $5. That oddball probe for your oscilloscope.

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