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[PLUG] Good PLUG West meeting last night!...

PLUG folks,

We had a good meeting at PLUG West last night.  About 15 people
attended to hear a talk by Jason Plum on being a friendlier tech

Afterwards, 9 of us headed out to "The Office" for dinner.

Good group.  Good conversations.

Unfortunately, I've been busy on Mondays for the past 2 years
(meeting weekly with my nephew to teach him about computers,
how to drive, then how to drive stick shift, prepping for college,
etc.).  So, most of the faces were new to me, and I didn't catch
all the names.  In fact, I had to go to the PLUG Google Group
and look at pictures to even figure out who the speaker was:

We should do a better job of intros, or maybe even wear name
tags.  Over the years, I've often had trouble connecting a face
at a meeting with someone I "knew" through the mailing list.

I think the attendees were:
    - Fred Stluka
    - Tom Hornberger
    - Eric Johnson
    - Geoff Avery
    - Andy Wojnarek
    - Jason Plum
    - Chris Norton
    - Mike DePaulo
    - Keith Perry
    - Rich Freeman
    - About 5 others

And at dinner (clockwise around the table):
    - Fred Stluka
    - Geoff Avery
    - Mike DePaulo
    - Female friend of Rich Freeman?
    - Rich Freeman
    - Eric Johnson
    - Chris Norton
    - Jason Plum
    - Keith Perry

A lot of the "regulars" were missing.  I assume you all still
attend?  I see many of you still active on the mailing list and
talking about the meetings:
    - Paul Snyder
    - JP Vossen
    - Amul Shah
    - Bhaskar
    - Roger Partridge
    - Bill East
    - John Hewitt

See ya next month!
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