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[PLUG] NFS or Samba for access to Network Attached Storage?

I'm going to be setting up a linux box, the primary function of which will be the company FTP server. That may sound like a very demanding application but for us it's not. We have a lot of files, but the number of transfers is relatively small.

The current machine is running Windows with an external RAID box to hold the data. For the new machine, we are thinking of holding the data on one of the NAS boxes (Network Attached Storage, like the WD MyCloud series for example) that have become popular in the past few years.

The downside would obviously be that instead of a dedicated drive connecting through a SATA cable we're now connecting over our LAN. But, it allows the storage capacity of the NAS to be used for other purposes company-wide, not just on the FTP server box.

Question: Is NFS likely to provide a significant performance improvement in this application over Samba, and will I have an easy time setting up the FTP server machine to mount the NAS device at boot with fstab? I don't know whether all NAS devices support NFS, and whether to make it a requirement or not. If Samba works just as well I don't have to hunt for NFS-capable devices.

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