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Re: [PLUG] Security Camera Software Recommendation

I'll second motion.  I was using this with a C910 on my RPi and it was great.  Caught my neighbors being jerks a number of times- always good to have video when you need to prove something.  :D

Biggest issue with that solution for me was attempting to use a more exotic video capture solution and Raspbian's version of motion was not working.  It appeared to be an issue reported to the developers but last I checked still hasn't been fixed.  I don't have time to dig through the code and patch it myself but its something I'll circle back around to one of these days.

If you do try motion I would be interested in knowing how your wireless cam performs with it.  Especially with recording quality and watching the feed live.  I haven't played around with IP cams in awhile but the self-contained solutions seemed to work pretty well.

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From: "Ken Smith" <>
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I used Motion before, worked well as a motion detector. Haven't read all of the documentation for it but possibly could be what you are looking for.

On Apr 23, 2016 3:35 PM, "Casey Bralla" <> wrote:
I just ordered a wireless security camera and am soliciting suggestions for
software to use it.

As of now, I plan to put the camera on a separate subnet and install an
"outgoing firewall" on the camera to keep it from phoning home to China.
Beyond that, I would like to record all it's output, and potentially forward
the live stream to a safe (and private) web page so I can keep on eye on it.

I definitely do not want to use the manufacturer's cloud-based software for
fear that it is too easily hacked.

Anybody have any suggestions on software to record, forward, and/or archive
security camera streams?

Casey Bralla

Chief Nerd in Residence
The NerdWord Organisation

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