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Re: [PLUG] Live streaming sports events (Cross posted to Tech list at LOPSA)

As Eric was alluding too, if you have a wifi source within line of site you should be able to get decent signal by putting up some high gain directional antennae.

Ubiquity has products for this (airMax) but would be for a substantial build out but a combination of these:


Along with 2 wifi routers that accept external antennae, such as:

You'll probably need might need some additional gender changers or connector adapters (e.g. N-female to male or female SMA) but its a simple enough project as long as the distance isn't too great.

The idea would be to have the direction high gain antennae create the link back to the main building and then you have the omni directional unit provide the on field servicing.

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Thanks for the reply. A few years back when I was at another school I looked into it but at that time the cost was prohibitive. But prices have plummeted and it might be an option now.

On Monday, April 25, 2016, Eric H. Johnson <> wrote:

I have never done anything like you are talking about, but a point to point wireless bridge may do what you need. A company I worked with years ago used the same basic technique to link two of their buildings together, so as to avoid getting two, at the time, expensive T lines. Of course the technology has changed a lot since. Anyway, here is an inexpensive one on Amazon:

I presume you would need two of them, one connected to the schools network, and the other at the field. It can be powered with the Ethernet port, thus powered by whatever setup is being used to record the event. I do not know how difficult they are to align. For home games,  it can be set up permanently just one time. Road games may be a different matter, if you want to do that as well.

Then use your favorite live streaming service. See here for a review:


Where I coach Football they have decided to look into live streaming our games this upcoming season and since I am the teams "Computer Guy" they have asked me to look into this. I am searching the web but I would really like to talk to someone who has done this. We don't have a dedicated Internet connection at the field so we would have to use Celluar. I have searched for hot spots near the field but as usual Sports fields usually end up in dead zones.

So if anyone on the list has experience with this even using a service I'd appreciate it if I could converse with you.


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