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Re: [PLUG] Raspberry Pi Heatsinks?

On 05/03/2016 10:26 PM, Michael Taylor wrote:
Hey There

If anyone has any in the area, I was wondering if anyone is willing to
give me or sell me (for when I get Money again on Jun. 1st) some
Heatsinks for a Raspberry Pi 3. I'm a little cautious for RetroPie since
it's showing at 130º F or more while running RetroPie

I agree with what the others have posted. I wouldn't even bother worrying about temps until they're in the mid-high 60's(C). Even then, I'd only worry if it was doing that long term. (130F = 54.444C)

There are a few good (very recent) videos on Chris Barnatt's ExplainingComputers youtube channel.

Raspberry Pi 3: CPU Temperature Tests & Heatsink:

He stresses the components to their max speeds to see how much hotter they get. Then he redoes it with a simple heatsink he got from pimoroni. (~$1.21 plus shipping from the UK.)

Raspberry Pi 3: Fan and Cooling Tests
Retests several times using different fan/heatsink combinations.

Basically he says there's not much need to do anything unless you're really stressing the cpu. Stressing the gpu barely raised the temp, even with no heatsinks.

If you are continuously stressing the cpu to the max, a heatsink alone doesn't work too well. It really only delays how long it take to get to the 80's (C). Having a small fan made a real difference, though.

- PaulNM

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