Jason Plum on 15 May 2016 10:46:38 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Using ZRAM for swap

I have used (and continue to) configure my thin client OS to use zram for swap, but not in such a starved environment (my smallest has 512MB). Mind you, even with 512MB, we have an issues at times with Firefox being extremely hungry once _javascript_ &| Flash come into play.

Jason Plum

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 1:40 PM, Keith C. Perry <kperry@daotechnologies.com> wrote:
I have an old Pentium III system with 128Mb of RAM I'm trying to redeploy for web browsing and after checking out a number of the distros designed for usage on very old hardware, I've decided that I like TinyCore the most.

The issue I'm having is that 128Mb just seems to be way too tight for a modern web browser experience.  TinyCore has Firefox, Chromium and Dillo browsers.  Firefox doesn't work at all.  Dillo is can't render modern web sites.  Chromium seems like it might work but  looks like is running out of resources- it opens but then can't be used.

That said, I noticed that TinyCore uses the kernel's zram functionality and I thought I would play with that since it was something new for me.

While it has been fun to learn and play around with zram, I'm thinking that 128Mb is just not going to work.  I'm not a fan of using swap anyway but on older systems with less than 1Gb RAM sometimes it's necessary.  Two questions:

1) Has anyone built and used a system with 128Mb of RAM and had a good modern day web browser experience?  If so, what distro did you use?
2) Has anyone use zram for swap?  If so, how is the experience compared to using dedicated swap partitions or swap files.

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