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Re: [PLUG] Looking for help with Chrome on lubuntu 14.04 trusty i386

So really, the best defense against the Windows 10 malware is to run a 32bit OS? Eat that NX bit!

From: Greg Helledy
Sent: ‎5/‎19/‎2016 15:49
Subject: [PLUG]  Looking for help with Chrome on lubuntu 14.04 trusty i386

> But WHEN? How recently? What was the most recent year they shipped 32
> bit in a commodity desktop or laptop (not netbook or tablet)?

The Dell Optiplex 790 desktop was *introduced* in early 2011 and shipped
with 32-bit Win 7.

The Optiplex 3010 was *introduced* in mid 2012 and shipped with the same OS.

I looked up models of Optiplex on the wikipedia page and then searched
for them on Amazon with "32 bit" added in the search field, to find out
which OS they shipped with.

So, just using that one model, we know that a mainstream manufacturer
introduced a mainstream (not bottom-end, not netbook) new model less
than 4 years ago with a 32-bit OS.  I'll assume that a mainstream model
would be on sale for a year before being discontinued, meaning you could
still have bought one as current production about 3 years ago.

I bet if I worked at it I could find an even more recent example.  My
best guess is it could be as little as 2 years ago that the last 32 bit
(OS) Windows machines disappeared from shelves at Best Buy and the
Office stores.

MS's automatic Win 10 upgrade won't give you a 64 bit Win 10 if you're
running a 32-bit Win 7 or 8.1.  You have to download an .iso, back up
your data and application and effectively do a clean install (or
convince someone else to do it for you).

Greg Helledy
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