Greg Helledy on 24 May 2016 17:34:18 -0700

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[PLUG] Backing up recovery partitions to a USB device, making bootable

My new Dell 2-in-1 naturally didn't come with any recovery CDs. What it did come with are two partitions at the "end" of the 128 GB SSD. Both are NTFS, one is 450 MB with a label of WINRETOOLS and one is 10.79GB with a label of Image.

I want to get these off the SSD and onto a USB drive to free up over 11 GB of space before I partition the drive yet more and try to squeeze another OS onto it (the SSD came with a total of 5 partitions).

The windows system tool for creating a "recovery image" fails. Searching for it turns up pages of complaints on MS boards that the tool doesn't work on Dell products. I tried it with two different USB drives on different ports on the machine and cannot create a recovery image for my computer.

Trying something else, I've copied the 2 partitions to a USB drive with GParted, and tried setting first one, then the other, with the "bootable" flag. Unfortunately, when I try to boot with the USB drive, I get a "no operating system found" error.

I guess I need to put a bootloader on the USB? I looked into doing that with System Recovery CD but the directions focus on chroot, under the assumption that you have a working linux install on the drive you want to install GRUB on. Is it possible to install GRUB on a drive that doesn't have linux on it? How could I do that?

Or am I doing this wrong, is there a better way to make the drive bootable?
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