Greg Helledy on 29 May 2016 10:06:27 -0700

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[PLUG] Quick GUI EXIF Comment field editor?

Windows 7 has a handy built-in photo viewer, where you can right-click (or something) on the current photo and type a Comment. This gets added to a field in the EXIF data that sticks with the photo. The only standard Linux photo app I know of that lets me edit the comment field is GIMP, but that requires you to open photos individually, and .jpeg isn't its native format. Gwenview seems to be intended as an equivalent of the Windows app, but doesn't have the Comment feature. I can go into Plugins, Images, Edit All Metadata and edit fields there, but doing so doesn't even trigger that the file's been altered (the "Save" function remains grayed-out) and even if I do trigger a change and save the file, the comment isn't retained. I installed DigiKam, but it's a big complicated piece of software, it seems like serious overkill to just do this (and maybe rotate photos snapped sideways). Is there any quick & easy linux tool for slapping comments onto personal photos in a way that they can then be viewed on all platforms?

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