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[PLUG] DjangoCon: Last Day for Early Bird Pricing!

Hello friends,

Please excuse the slightly spammy smelling email: just a reminder the today is the last day to register for DjangoCon at Early Bird rates. Tomorrow, prices will increase by $50 per ticket. To register, click here:


Prices are incredibly affordable for the 5 days, starting at $195 for our diversity rate.

The speaker's lineup has been announced, and has something from everyone, whether you're a seasoned Django developer, just dipping your toe in the pool, or not a developer at all. I've included a full list of DjangoCon talks below.

We sincerely hope you can make it. Feel free to email me off-list with any questions you may have.





A new look into APIs - Graphene (Syrus Akbary)
It Is Darkest Before Dawn: Alcoholism and Addiction in Tech (Timothy Allen)
The impact of women learning to code in developing countries: benefits and challenges. (Aisha Bello & Ibrahim Diop)
Full Auto Django: scaling and HA with Docker, Kubernetes and Atomic (Josh Berkus)
Happy Asset Deployments with Webpack & Django (Scott Burns)
Git in Control, Version Control and How it Could Save Your Life (Rachell Calhoun)
The Fraud Police are Coming: Work, Leadership, and Imposter Syndrome (Amanda Clark & Briana Morgan)
Websockets: Intro to messaging. (Josue Balandrano Coronel)
High-Availability Django (Frankie Dintino)
Building Dynamic Dashboards with Django and D3 (Clinton Dreisbach)
Beyond PO: How to make Django work for right-to-left languages (Cho Garcia & Payam)
Solving problems with Django Forms. (Kirt Gittens)
I Didn’t Know QuerySets Could Do That (Charlie Guo)
Geospatial Analysis with GeoDjango (Don Holloway)
SSL all the things (Markus Holtermann)
An Intro To Web Accessibility In Django (Annalee Flower Horne)
Readability Counts (Trey Hunner)
People are coming to my beginning workshop, what now? (Nicholle James)
Frog and Toad Learn About Django Security (Philip James)
Things your mother didn’t teach you about sharing your toys (Russell Keith-Magee)
This Old Pony: Working with Legacy Django Apps (Ben Lopatin)
Walking Down the A11y Road - Lessons Learnt from Working on Accessibility of a Django Project (Radina Matic)
Django and React: Perfect Together (Jack McCloy)
Stress Testing your Code of Conduct in Production (Baptiste Mispelon & Ola Sendecka)
Django Supporting Virtual Reality Game Development (Rudy Mutter)
Django, Python, and Health Care Data (Becca Nock)
From Developer to Manager (Sean O’Connor)
Dispelling the ‘Genius Programmer’ Myth Through Code Review (Ashwini Oruganti)
Design for Non-Designers (Tracy Osborn)
Rub-a-Dub Rubber Duck: Don’t Be Afraid to Debug! (Anna Ossowski)
The City as Cyborg: a history of Civic Tech in the first quarter of the 21st Century (Mjumbe Poe)
The Full Stack of User Experience (Alicia C. Raciti)
Spicing up Django: An introduction to Mezzanine CMS (Ed Rivas)
MBaaS Framework: Built with Django & Django REST Framework (Kartikeya Rokde)
Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community (Erik Romijn)
Building JSON APIs with Django / Pinax (Brian Rosner)
How We Used NLP and Django to Build a Movie Suggestion Website & Twitterbot (Vince Salvino)
Django for IoT: From hackathon to production (Anna Schneider)
Angular 2 and You (Pam Selle)
Pushing the Pony’s boundaries — Django Admin Customization (Ola Sitarska)
Sign Me Up - Choosing & using a registration package for your Django project (Eleanor Stribling)
Just Enough Typography (Joni Trythall)
Under the Hood of Modern CSS Frameworks (Michael Trythall)
Atomic Wagtail (Kurt Wall)
Making the most Out of Code Reviews (Mariatta Wijaya)
Entomology 101: Effective Bug Hunting (Frank Wiles)

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