Greg Helledy on 5 Jul 2016 16:09:00 -0700

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[PLUG] Undeletable file, how to get rid of it?

This system does not have lsof installed. I know that the file got there through the FTP server software (as a user upload), and the file is still undeletable when the server is not running.

I tried unmounting and remounting the share, then deleting the file again. No change to the results of a delete command.

If I try to delete the directory the file is contained in, I get:
rmdir: failed to remove ‘test’: Device or resource busy

On the ownership issue: all of the files and directories on the NAS mount show up as owned by root. I have no idea how file permissions are actually handled in the (presumably NTFS) filesystem on the device. But I was able (as root) to delete other files in that directory...only this single file gave me a problem.

The $ indicated and end of line.  It's not actually in
the file name, I'm pretty sure it's output from ls rather than being
the file name:

Oh, my mistake.

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