Andy Wojnarek on 6 Jul 2016 20:55:09 -0700

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[PLUG] non-internet accessible media streaming

Hi all -

What is everyone using for media streaming these days? I have a need for a kind of unique setup:

What would you use in this scenario: Two TVS in an area with no wi-fi / internet access where space is limited. 

I’m thinking a combination of:
  1. An external hard drive
  2. Some raspberry pis
  3. And some sort of streaming ‘stick’ attached to the Tvs.
The problem is that there’s no internet connection, so I was thinking of putting a wireless AP in (it’s a camper at a campground) that’s not connected to the Internet so the hdmi dongles could connect to a back-ended Kodi running on debian on the Pi.

At home I have Plex on Ubuntu, but as far as I know PLEX doesn’t work well on ARM devices? It’s a bit too heavy…..


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